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Small Business Marketing Strategy From GetExtendly

Feb 19

The strategy for this season of your marketing plan is to ensure that the small business's new website design is working correctly, create some content about their services around SEO best practices and begin recruiting some high-quality backlinks to the site. (

Ways you could accomplish this include:

1) Stay up-to-date on local news so that if a business owner or group of them approaches you with questions about how they can market themselves more effectively, you'll have an idea of what tactics they are considering and be able to suggest better options. For example, if a client asks where they should place their AdWords ads, tell them why Google Places would likely provide better results at a lower cost. Helping clients avoid common mistakes is always a good choice even if you aren't trying to upsell.

2) Google Analytics is a free tool that helps you learn more about how your site visitors find, use, and share your content. Using the information provided by Analytics, such as the pages that get the most traffic, what site search terms they used, and which external sites send you referrals can help you figure out where to focus SEO efforts for this season.

       - For example, maybe there's a particular blog post on your website that gets a lot of attention and it would behoove you to look into why people like it so much and whether or not it could be used in other places around the site or service area's business directories. A new way to phrase the information contained in the post could be the difference between it being linked to or shared on social media sites vs. ignored.

       - It's also worth taking a look at your site search data to see if there are any common issues people have while navigating your site. For example, if you notice that there are three different ways people are trying to find your services page and two of them lead visitors astray it may be time for a serious overhaul of that part of the site.

3) write some great content about SEO best practices, grab links from other high-quality websites using outreach methods like email or Twitter direct messages and schedule your link-building efforts for this season so they happen over time than all at once. This will help ensure that your backlinks are all high quality and help maximize the value of each one.

       - Write an article about something you know well, for example, how to recover from a Google penalty or what are some key elements to consider when hiring an SEO agency. Include links to your website in relevant places within the content so that people who may not have heard of you will be able to find out more information if they decide they want it. Guest blogging with links back to your site is another great way to build links while increasing traffic and visibility.  

       - Join in on conversations related to your industry online by following hashtags on Twitter and jumping into forums where clients might hang out like LinkedIn groups. Participating in these conversations will help you establish your influence online and also allow you to attract new visitors. It's a good idea to stay away from overly promotional posts though as that will likely alienate the regulars and make your brand appear like it's only out for itself.

       - To keep your SEO efforts effective, build links over time instead of all at once. Sending emails or Twitter direct messages offering to exchange links is a great way to build relationships with other site owners and people who work for them. This outreach method helps ensure that those asking for links want to do so because they truly believe it would benefit both of your websites if their link came from yours. If someone seems unwilling to provide a link back after you've sent an email or Tweet then it's best to move on to another site.

4) Focus on building high-quality backlinks that come from relevant, authoritative sites in your industry or related industries and make sure your site is easy to navigate.  

       - Create unique pages for important topics related to your service area's business rather than duplicating content across different areas of the site. This will help Google figure out which pages are most relevant when someone searches for a particular topic and it will also make it more likely that they'll stay on the page long enough to see all of the other information you have available there too.

       - Optimizing a website for mobile devices isn't only good practice because it ensures clients can find your business more easily but also because Google has announced that they will be ranking sites higher that are also mobile-friendly. It's a good idea to keep an eye on your site's load time too because Google takes this into account as well and it can affect your rankings.  

5) Focus on creating high-quality content for the web, try to avoid using duplicate content across multiple pages or linking to suspicious sites, and remember to include keywords throughout your content so you'll show up in relevant searches.   

       - The best way to ensure that visitors stick around is by providing them with lots of great information related to their search terms right off the bat rather than making them click through numerous pages before they find what they're looking for.        

6) Go ahead and submit your site to the many free and paid directories that still exist. These links won't help much in terms of search engine rankings but they can help increase visibility and also eventually lead to higher quality backlinks through outreach efforts.   

7) Keep in mind that what works best for one website might not work at all for another so it's a good idea to be flexible when trying out new strategies and sticking with tried and true methods when possible.